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Private Plates

As well as providing you with a fully customised vehicle, we can help you enhance it with a personalised number plate. We have a wide range of popular number plates available at any one time, and our collection is updated constantly. Choosing a personalised number plate for your KAHN® vehicle can add to the sense of individuality and luxury which comes with owning a bespoke vehicle. With years of experience in the trade, we're happy to assist you in finding the exact plate to suit you and your vehicle. As well as being a statement of individuality, personalised number plates can represent a shrewd investment opportunity. Low numbered, dateless plates are particularly sought after, and hold or increase their value well. We're happy to provide no-strings advice on the pros and cons of a particular plate, to help you make a purchasing decision. If you're the owner of a personalised number plate and wish to discuss a sale, we'd be happy to speak with you.